About Our Company

A comprehensive platform providing solution for supply, testing, certification, calibration & training of Lifting Appliances and Below The Hook Lifting Devices & Rigging Gears.

The company “HEFT TESTING PRIVATE LIMITED” as the word literally means heavy ; was established to cater to the mission of providing professional solutions for specialized large and heavy lifting including and not limited to supply, inspection, certification, repair and training of Lifting Tools, Tackles, Below The Hook Lifting Devices and All types of Rigging Gears.

With our specialized manufacturing and testing facilities adhering to local and international standards we cater to oil & gas, offshore, wind energy, naval, railway, nuclear energy, automotive, aeronautic sectors.

Our Affiliate company M/s Barkat Cranes & Equipment’s Pvt. Ltd. is a proud owner of a fleet of over 100 heavy equipment's including one of the latest and largest capacity all terrain telescopic crane ; having over 250 employees in their offices, yards and work sites assists us in our operations for meeting our test requirements involving high capacity cranes.